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The Owner of D & J Recording Studio, Don Hammock, is a master guitarist in 6 string and 12 string acoustic guitar arrangements, as well as a master Lead, Rhythm and Slide Guitarist. Don has mastered the use of all the mainstream special effects used by many of today’s leading guitarist and is offering a course in guitar effects as well.

Don is offering his knowledge to any eager students or professionals that want to learn something else new during the evening hours. D & J Recording Studio is the setting for all lessons and provides a real professional feeling environment within the studio setting. In addition, this will enable the students to participate in live sessions and/or view live demonstrations as part of the lesson.

The rates for the lessons are very reasonable and competitive. I only book hourly lessons because I feel that with a ½ hour lesson you’re just getting started and the lesson is over, therefore, I only teach hourly lessons. But I only charge the half hour rate! That’s right, you get an hour lesson for only the half hour rate! The following lessons are available:
    • 6 String Acoustic Guitar (All Levels)
    • 12 String Acoustic Guitar (All Levels)
    • Electric Guitar, Lead and Rhythm (All Levels)
    • Slide Guitar (All Levels)
    • Guitar Effects 101 (See Note Below*)

If you live in the San Diego area
and would like to schedule private
lessons with Don Hammock
please contact Him here

- Don Hammock uses
Chandler Stereo Echoes, Chandler Flanger/Choruses, Fulltone Octavia,
Cry Baby Wah, Boss DS-1 Distortion, Boss DC-3 Digital Dimension,
Eventide Eclipse, Digitech Harmony Machine and Whammy effects.
You can listen to these effects being utilized in Don’s latest creations
from DMR’s “Journey To Another World” available free (MP3’s) on this web site.
Also check out DoD’s latest release “Hot Stuff” available on Kunaki,, Itunes,, Rhapsody, Napster and beginning mid April 2009.

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