Matt Jones
(Drums & Percussion)
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att Jones
Matt JonesI have been listening to and playing music my entire life. My father has been playing small local gigs as long as I can remember. I started out playing the piano as a child and then the violin. Due to an unfortunate accident chasing a girl, I could no longer play the violin. Then, my next move was to the guitar. I liked it but it still wasn't the right fit. I played for a couple years until finally buying an extremely cheap five piece kit. Neither the kit or the cymbals even had a name on them! I finally bought a nicer 5 piece Tama kit. That mutated into a double pedal kit, with roto-toms and 7 cymbals. I played in a band the rest of my teenage years. When I was 18, I joined the Marine Corps. Unfortunately, they don't allow drum kits in the barracks. I moved to California in 2005, and had a place where I could actually have and play a drum kit. I purchased a cheap used Pearl 5 piece kit with cracked cymbals through Craigslist. This time I was mentally ready to really learn to play! Through various influences, I decided that my 5 piece kit didn't have enough pieces to provide the sound I wanted. I bought a brand new Pearl 8 piece kit that proved hard to learn. After a couple years of playing this new kit, I met Rick Ponce through my work. Coincidentally, his band had just lost their drummer and he found out that I played. I was invited to jam with the group, and the rest is history.
  • Danny Carey
  • Jimmy Chanberlin
  • Neil Pert
  • John Bonham
  • Carter Beauford
  • Ginger Baker

Drums Matt plays:

  • 8 Piece Pearl Exr Kit
  • 2-20" Kick-Drums (W/Pearl Eliminator Pedals)
  • 10, 12 & 13" Mounted Toms
  • 14 & 16" Floor Toms
  • Paiste Signature Cymbals
  • 14" Sound Edge High-Hats
  • 10" Splash
  • 14, 15, 16 & 17" Fast Crash
  • 14" Thin China
  • 20" Full Ride
Don Hammock Bass
Mike Hammock
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